The very first post

It’s a bit odd writing this post when I know for a fact that absolutely no one is reading. But a blog has to start somewhere right? So here goes – I’m Kirti, a 23 year old Indian girl who loves makeup and is slowly learning the value of some good, solid skincare.

This isn’t my first blog. Heck, it isn’t even my first beauty blog. I had one ages ago when I first started getting into makeup. But I went about it all wrong, buying more and more stuff that would end up unused – I was trying to own every ‘must have’ and ‘holy grail’ product out there and ended up overwhelmed and frustrated. As for skincare, I have either spent a lot of money on overhyped crap that broke me out or worse, used just a bar of soap, some wipes and a cheap as chips moisturiser, all of which did more harm than good.

This time around, my approach will be less frenzied, better researched and way more minimalistic . I’m literally living off just one drawer full of makeup  and a handful of skincare bits and as far as possible, I intend to keep it that way!

Stick around if you want to follow my journey! 🙂


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