The birthday haul: online (and long distance)!

I’ve not had a lot of energy to hit the shops this year, nor is there a lot of stuff that I want available in India. So most of the birthday shopping I’ve done for myself this year has been online or has been done for me by my loving husband in France!

The first two things that I ordered, as soon as the clock struck midnight, were the Ren skincare kit and Liz Earle toner that I mentioned in my ‘birthday wishlist’ post. Shipping to India was exorbitant though, so I had to send them home to Lyon.

As if this wasn’t enough, my husband took a trip to the mall and got me some amazing stuff – some Christmas-y goodies from The Body Shop and Lush  plus the Nuxe huile prodigieuse dry oil that I’ve been lusting after for ages. And look, they gave a free mini of the shimmery body oil too!




Isn’t the the best husband ever?! I’ll have to wait a couple of months till he actually brings me this stuff, but it’ll totally be worth the wait! 😀

Something that I did order to India are two whipped soaps from Haus of Gloi – Wintervale from their Yule collection and Hot Cocoa from their Reverie collection. I’ll review these once I’ve used them for a bit, but they smell lovely and I’m so excited to try them!

haus of gloi

And that’s the end of my birthday haul! I hope you guys didn’t get bored or think I was showing off in my haul posts- I just wanted to share everything I got/bought! I promise I won’t talk about my birthday anymore. Until next year, of course!


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