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The autumnal lip

As promised in my autumnal eye post, here’s a rundown of my top three lipsticks for cooler weather.


On the top of my list is Silk Naturals vegan lipstick in Sultry. It is a muted berry shade,shade perfect for everyday wear. The colour is fantastic but I also love the formula – creamy and pigmented, it lasts for hours and then leaves behind a flattering stain. Oh and it’s a $5 dupe for Mac’s lipstick in Brick o La! Pretty perfect, eh?

For a more amped up berry shade, I’ve been reaching for another Indie lipstick – Morgana Cryptoria’s lipstick in Speakeasy. This is a deep raspberry colour that looks amazing applied full on, although it can be sheered out for a stained look that is very pretty. I love wearing this one with thick black liner and loads of mascara for an almost goth-like look. My only issue with this is staying power – it lasts just a couple of hours and then seems to disappear completely. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Once again, I’ve saved the best for last – Mac’s Rebel lipstick. This is probably one of the lipsticks I’d take with me if I were running out of a burning building or the one I’d want if I were stuck on a deserted island or…you get the drift right? It’s a gorgeous purpley berry shade that looks amazing on me. And on everyone else I’ve seen it on. If you haven’t tried it yet, what on Earth are you waiting for?! Don’t let my description of it scare you off – it is a gorgeous shade with the perfect satin finish and good lasting power. A must have and one I’d repurchase till my dying day!

So it’s evident that I’m all about the berry shades in cooler weather.


What are your autumn winter lipstick picks? Drop me a note in the comments!


The autumnal eye

Autumn always makes me whip out darker lip colours, gut somehow, I keep using the same old colours on my eyes. Well, not this year! I’ve consciously made an effort to pull out some cooler toned/darker shades for eyeshadow and liner that are perfect for this weather!

As far as eyeshadows go, I’ve been reaching for two cream shadows, both of which are recent additions to my makeup drawer.

The first is Maybelline’s Tough as Taupe eyeshadow, a purply grey matte shade. I never expected to love this as much as I do since I usually favour warm toned shades, but I think this is just one of those products that would work on almost everyone. Definitely a must have.


The second is the Nars Tatar eye paint, a shimmery dark purple. I usually just sweep it onto my lid and blend it out for a quick smokey eye. But that’s not all I can do with this beauty. It works equally well as an eyeliner, both on its own or better still paired with Tough as Taupe! Another must have. And don’t tell my husband, but I already have my eye on one or two of the other eye paints!


In my opinion, there is just one eyeliner that epitomises autumn/winter and that is the Illamasqua liquid liner in Havoc. It is the perfect burgundy shade that goes well with both warm toned and cool toned eyeshadows (including Tough as Taupe), plus it looks great when worn by itself, paired with a vampy lip.


So there you have it – my must haves for eyes this autumn/winter.


Next up – lipsticks!

The awesome twosome – khaki eyeliners

Are you as tired as I am of the good old black and brown eyeliners? I do agree that they are must haves in any makeup stash, but I often find myself reaching for other ‘neutral yet interesting’ liners to complete my eye makeup looks. And, for this, I’ve recently come to rely upon two fantastic eye pencils in khaki hues – Mac’s Uniform Technakohl liner and Urban Decay’s 24X7 Glide on eye pencil in Stash.


MAC Uniform Technakohl liner is a brownish khaki liner with a hint of green and some beautiful golden shimmer. It is pigmented, glides smoothly onto my eyelids and lasts all day without smudging. The neutral colour works great with gold and brown eyeshadows and I’m sure it would work well with olive or warm green shades too. And of course, it is perfect to just wear on its own – I like wearing a thick line of this on my upper lashline with lashings of black mascara to create the perfect daytime look!

Oh and what I love the most about the Uniform Technakohl liner is that unlike MAC’s kohl pencils, it comes in a twist up style and doesn’t need to be sharpened. That way, I can use this liner all the time without worrying about wasted product while sharpening!

Urban Decay Stash 24/7 Glide on eye pencil is is an olive based khaki colour with loads of gold shimmer. It is very pigmented and like the name suggests, it goes on smoothly without tugging on my eyelids. However, due to its super creamy texture, I find that it doesn’t set very quickly on me and sometimes ends up getting transferred to my upper eyelid. Once it sets, it does last all day without any smudging. This is another wonderful shade that works with other warm toned eyeshadows, particularly golds. It also works brilliantly by itself – smudged onto my upper and lower lashlines with a pencil brush and paired with a brown liner on the waterline.

Unlike MAC’s Uniform liner, UD’s Stash does require sharpening, which leads to waste of the product. This sucks, especially since this eyeliner is quite expensive! However, it is a great shade and one I haven’t found a drugstore dupe of so I’m glad I purchased it.

Top – UD Stash
Bottom – MAC Uniform

Overall, these are two amazing eyeliners that I can see myself using over and over again and definitely repurchasing if I run out. Have you checked these out yet? If not, what are you waiting for?!

Un, deux, trois: Mascara

I’ve never been much of a mascara user mostly because I hated how they left smudges all over my spectacle lenses. But I recently decided to give mascara another chance and I’m glad I did – it really does make a significant difference to my eye makeup and thankfully, the three I’ve been testing out lately don’t do the stupid smudgy thing.


First up is the Maybelline Falsies Waterproof mascara which I bought after Tanya Burr raved about it in her YouTube videos. I really like it! The curved wand makes applying the mascara a breeze and it adds both volume and curl, making my lashes really stand out. I wouldn’t know whether my lashes look like I’m wearing ‘falsies’ since I’ve never tried any (I’m shuddering at the very thought of gluing anything onto my eyelids) but I love the results and I would definitely repurchase this mascara!


Next up is the No.7 Exceptional Definition mascara from Boots. I remember seeing this on a few beauty blogs and I really had high expectations from this one. Alas, it is a bit of a dud. It doesn’t add much volume to my lashes,lashes nor a lot of length. In fact, it doesn’t really do much except make my lashes look a bit spidery and add a few clumps here and there. I will use it up, but there are definitely better mascaras out there.


I’ve saved the best for last – the Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara. I picked this one up on a recent trip to Bangkok and I have to admit, I bought it only because of the name and how unbelievably cute the packaging was. It is only later that I realised how freaking expensive this mascara actually is (about 19 euros for a tube) and that Fairy Drops is actually a well known Japanese brand!
I am head over heels in love with this mascara, thanks mostly to its unique wand. It might look weird, but it seems to really grab onto my lashes and makes them look thicker, longer and voluminous. And that’s just one coat! I don’t think it is waterproof, but it has withstood my runny eyes and never smudged. Nor does it clump. All in all, this one is a winner and I’m going to be devastated when I have to stop using it (after three months it it? Or six?).

fairydrops_plat fairydrops_wand

So there you have them – the three mascaras that made their way into a mascara hater’s stash and two that she actually loved!